About us

We are a Peruvian company with experience in the field of foods such as legumes, cereals, sugar, starch, starch, seeds, grains, spices and herbs; specialized in the processes of: fractionation, packaging, transport and commercialization of national and international products.

We have sanitary authorization in our establishment dedicated to primary food processing, with a policy and trained human team that allows us to be a leading company in the Lima plant.

And as well as HACCP validation for industrialized products such as rice, sugar, fortified rice, mote wheat, potato starch and corn starch in our Cajamarca plant.


It was not yet established as a company, but as a natural person. Starting as providers of the PRONAA program.


Edwin Cabanillas (General Manager) decided to open CABZE S.R.L. with the principal objective to develop long term business with our main clients, developing a new client list and focusing in diversifying their markets.


PRONA disappears and Kaliwarma is created, and we become suppliers of groceries, stews, flours, etc. Supplying a different rural educational institutions in Peru.


It was the last year that we worked directly with Qali Warma in the department of Cajamarca.

January 2016

It was decided to open a packaging plant in the capital of Peru, in order to expand the entire portfolio of products nationwide.

March 2016

In this year, andean grains, beans and corn begin to be sold.

January 2017

It begins to sell the line of rice and sugar products.

January 2018

It was decided to open the export area.

September 2018

Once covered the Peruvian market, we are part of the ADEX group, and participated for the first time in the Expoalimentaria Fair, with the aim of internationalizing the company.

October 2018

We work with more products, fortified rice, corn starch and mote wheat. Also, HAACP validation is acquired.

January 2019

We expand the product line to dried fruits and dried powders.

September 2019

We participated for the second time in the Expoalimentaria Fair.

November 2019

We participate in the month of November in the China International Import Expo (Shanghái) 2019


We are a company dedicated to the packaging, marketing and transport of national and imported food products with high quality standards and great nutritional benefits for our consumers


To be a leading company of the food industry in Peru, with the support of specialized personnel and the use of modern equipment and infrastructure that allows us to consolidate our operations and the development of new markets.

Our values

Cabze is guaranteed to have values ​​that are not only important with us, but also for all our customers:

Trust, respect, responsibility, punctuality, honesty and leadership.

What highlights us

Value chain

As a company we focus on the selection, packaging, distribution and marketing of our products, and alliances with distributors, importers and exporters.


We are a Peruvian company with more than 7 years of international focus experience where we ensure an excellent value for money with the quality guarantees demanded by our customers.

Production capacity

Our plants have the capacity to export our various products to any part of the world and have a presence in any sales channel in the local market.


Our facilities have the capacity for machinery, technology and comfort of the human team.

Process Technology

Our company works with the best technologies in cleaning, fractionation and packaging. That guarantees a highly qualified technology .

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You can contact us with the following information.

  • ventas@cabze.com.pe
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