Dried Fruits

Currently dehydrated fruits are considered by organisms of the

health a superfood for its high value in vitamins, amino acids

Essentials and minerals.

Dried Goldenberry

Aguaymanto is a shrub that has been cultivated since the pre-Columbian period. It was cultivated in the Sacred Valley of the Incas and was one of the most revered fruits in the garden of the nobles.

  • Scientific Name: Physalis peruviana.
  • Custom code: 0813.40.00.00
  • Harvest: March – June.

Dried Pineapple

It is a fruit of South American origin, its exact origin is not specified, its cultivation is widespread throughout the central jungle.

  • Scientific Name: Ananas Comosus.
  • Custom code: 0804.30.00.00
  • Harvest: January – December.

Dried Mango

He is originally from India and references to him have been found in the ancient sacred writings. It was brought to Peru by the Spanish and currently Peru exports a large amount of its mango production to various countries around the world.

  • Scientific Name: Mangifera Indica.
  • Custom code: 0804.50.20.00
  • Harvest: December – March.